Video to DVD Transfers

Many people have treasured memories stored away on Video Tape whether it be VHS or other camcorder formats.

Magnetic tape when stored at normal room temperature can start to deteriorate as early as 10 years from the original recording and therefore it is important to transfer the footage as soon as possible before losing it forever.

Broadcasters and other Archive Libraries can extend the storage time because they use very stringent Temperature and Humidity control equipment to help stabilise the chemical structure of the tape itself, however, even these organisations have to think about copying the tapes over to new formats from around 25 years or so because the tape is not expected to last beyond 30 years without severe deterioration problems being introduced and valuable recordings eventually lost forever.

Mirage offer a consumer transfer service to Digitally Encode and Master Video Tape recordings over to DVD Video using high quality Professional equipment from any of the following "tape based" formats:
VHS, VHS-C, Super VHS, S-VHS C, 8mm, Hi 8, Digital 8, Mini DV, DV-CAM (Large & small cassettes), HDV (Large & Small cassettes) High Definition recordings can also be authored to the Blu-ray disc format if required.

We only use high quality "Grade A" DVD Media which has undergone rigorous testing for longer archival life performance and discs that meet our quality standard for print surface stability.

You can currently fit up to 2 hours of video footage onto a single layered DVD-5 disc or up to 4 hours using DVD-9 Dual Layered media.

For further information about Video to DVD transfers, please contact us.

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