DVD or Blu-ray discs are becoming more and more popular not only as a quality Video Media, but also as an "Interactive Information Aid" or "Sales Tool".

Mirage Digital can produce video with Subtitling for the hard of hearing and even "Signing" if this is one of your requirements and has worked with many Small Businesses, Large Corporate Companies and Local Authorities in producing small or large quantity DVD Video material.

Interactive or Multi-Language DVD has also helped clients in providing clearer information to a wider audience and has especially helped to promote products throughout Europe and other World Markets.

Website Video is extremely popular now that access to faster Broadband Speeds are available, this combined with superb Video Compression Technology (Codecs) has helped to produce Quality Video Images that stream crisp and clear without shuddering or freezing.

Hybrid DVD products - DVD-Rom Data (Read Only Memory) such as forms and other documentation can also be stored and authored along with the video footage to allow individuals to print out further information using their Computers if this is required.

Blu-ray Disc format has become very popular for reproducing High Definition Video material for use during exhibitions when viewed on Large Screen Video Walls or other High Quality HD displays.

Mirage Digital Video has been producing clients production material in High Definition since 2007 and installed their first Blu-ray HD Disc Authoring facilities in 2009.

From SD or HD Web Video Production to DVD or Blu-ray Mastering, Duplication or Replication, Mirage Digital can offer you the complete solution.

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