About Our Company

Mirage Digital Video Productions was founded in 2001 by its current owner who previously worked as a specialist engineer in Magnetic and Optical recording media within the Broadcast Industry.

Having a wealth of knowledge in Film, Magnetic Tape and Optical Disc Storage, together with Video Production making and Film to Digital transfer technology and various other types of recording formats, Mirage Digital Video can offer clients the very best advice in all aspects of their work, whether it be for Corporate Video, Blu-ray and DVD Disc Authoring, Frame by Frame Telecine Film scanning, Video File Format Conversion and Transfer or Encoding of video for YouTube, Web Streaming, USB Memory Stick media, Mobile Phone or Tablets including iphone and ipad.

Mirage undertake all of the work involved in producing clients material "in-house", from High Definition Video filming, SD and HD Editing, Encoding for Web video, Blu-ray and DVD Disc Authoring, DVD Duplication including automated Disc Printing and Packaging Design to delivering the final finished product to the customer.

Other services Mirage can offer are: World Television Standards Conversion to covert video footage from NTSC or SECAM to the PAL television format or the other way around from PAL to NTSC or SECAM formats.

Mirage also convert both Standard and Super 8mm film in amazing quality using a Telecine "Frame by Frame" film scanning system to whatever format the clients requires i.e. AVi for self editing or a finished DVD Disc with full navigation menu structure.

Please enjoy touring our website or contact us for further detailed information on any of our complete range of Professional Video Services.
























Our Company slogan is "Promoting Business with Digital Video Technology" and our aim is to offer clients a high quality standard in both recording and mastering facilities at affordable prices, together with our professional advice at all times on how to get the very best from the latest Video technology available to help support each individual needs, requirements and budgets.





Mirage Digital Video ensures that all our work is to a very high level of service and this offers all our future prospective customers an assurance of the high standards we can offer them.

We capture our material using Professional Sony High Definition HDV Digital Video Cameras that can also record in Standard Definition using the DV-CAM format and other recording formats are available on request.

Our Editing Facilities are using both Avid Standard and HD Edit Software and recently introduced – our new High Tech Apple Final Cut Pro HD Studio suite.

Video Encoding and Transcoding is undertaken using Professional Sorenson Media software, allowing conversion of various video file formats to virtually any other video standard including Video for Web.

For film, we have a high quality "Frame by Frame" film scanning facility offering transfer of 8mm film to any chosen format i.e. AVi, Blu-ray, DVD etc.

Other facilities include World Television Video Standards conversion to and from NTSC, PAL and SECAM.


Our DVD Authoring Facilities also include Quantum DLT (Digital Linear Tape) Mastering for high quality DVD Design and mass volume DVD Production.

Mirage has also full DVD Duplication facilities "in-house" with automated
"on-body" full colour disc printing for the shorter DVD runs, or for larger requirements (1,000pcs+) as previously mentioned, we can also provide DLT (Digital Linear Tape) Mastering and organise DVD Replication of the finished product.

If you have any further questions about our Company, Systems and Operations used, or to discuss your future requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.